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In early 1976 at the home of Allan & Jennie Potts at 25 Morshead Court, White Hills a small gathering met to have Bible Studies by Pastor Evan Gough from Albury later moving to Trevor & Pat Pearson's home in Nandina Court, Strathdale. These studies were held for approximately 18 months.

On August 12th, 1976 the first services of the Independent Baptist Fellowship of Bendigo were held at the home of our missionary Pastor Ronald DeJong at 10 McCalman Court in Strathdale where 55 people met in their large lounge room. Bible Studies & Prayer Meetings were also held here on Wednesday nights - the whole family rallied around to have the home ready for meetings.

The services then moved to Bendigo East Progress Association Hall on the 13th April 1980, where the hall had to be set up early each Sunday morning shifting the pulpit, hymn books etc in Pastor's Valiant Station Wagon. Being beside the Bendigo East Swimming Pool, it was quite noisy - especially in the summer season.

Pastor and his family moved to 10 Fifth Avenue, White Hills, where thay had purchased their own home - the church folk helped to paint the house. It was in this home where the church constitution, covenant and statement of faith was drawn up after Prayer Meetings.

On the 22nd of March 1981, the first service of Golden City Baptist Church [Independent] was held at the Bendigo East Hall. Then on the 26th of April, 1982, the Lord led us to a building at 10 Ophir Street, which originally had been a church but prior to G.C.B.C. purchasing it had been a photographic studio. An interest free loan was made available by the late Bro, Lewis Stilwell. Numerous improvements were made to the building.

As the church grew numerically, church members were always on the look out for a larger building. Negotiations to purchase the California Hill Uniting Church took place, but the Lord closed the door because the building had been classified by the National Trust.

Then in December 1992, negotiation commenced to buy our current building from Telecom. It had previously been used as a Telecom training centre but had not been used for some time and had suffered considerable damage by vandals. The original building on this site had been a battery for crushing rock from the South Nell Gwynne Mine.

With negotiations finalized, we then found ourselves with approximately two months to prepare this building for use. We were indeed grateful to Telecom who permitted us to carry out renovations before the final contract was signed on the 5th of March, 1993. The main auditorium was originally 6 rooms and with much prayer and physical labour by members and adherents, the building was ready for use on March the 7th, 1993 when the first services were held. The majority of the work was carried out by people of the church with the assistance of specialist tradesmen when required. The Lord is greatly to be praised for those who have used their God-given talents for his glory.

Numerous improvements have been made to the facility since then and at the present time, December 2006, major alterations to the building have commenced.

We praise the Lord for His goodness in the provision of meeting places.

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