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Bendigo Churches Church

Reaching out to Bendigo and the surrounding rural regions for over 25 years, Golden City Baptist Church has been the recipient of God's amazing blessing and care. Standing firm on the fundamentals of God's Word and remaining "old-fashioned" in this ever modernising world, Golden City Baptist Church is evidence of the preservation God has for those who remain close to Him and His principles. From a quiet belief and adherence to the King James Version to the stedfast continuance of singing the old hymns of the faith, Golden City Baptist Church has become known as a strong, conservative Baptist church.

Golden City Baptist Church would welcome your visit and Lord willing your on-going attendance if you hold dear to the absolute truths of God's Word. As you browse through this site you will gain a better understanding of the heart and soul of Golden City Baptist Church. Should you have any queries at any time, please feel most welcome to contact Pastor Allan Mitchell.

Pictured above is our church building. If you would like a map in order to locate our church, then please click here.

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