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Need Christ?

Thankyou for allowing your child to come to Youth Group. Please let me answer the most common questions asked about Youth Group. This way you can know more about us and where your teenager is on a Friday night.

What is Youth Group?
Youth Group is a club staffed by adults who regularly attend the Golden City Baptist Church. Each week, the youth will listen to a message from the Bible, then spend some time doing activities in the church hall.

Who runs Youth Group?
Pastor Matt O'Brien is the Director of Youth Group and he can be contacted on:
  • Phone: 5444 2938
  • Mobile: 0439 639 557

What time does Youth Group start and finish?
Youth Group is held at our church during school terms each Friday evening. For information on how to get to this hall, please click here. Feel free to enter the car park from the side entrance, as the front gates are usually locked.

Youth Group starts at 7.30pm and finishes at 9.00pm.

How do the youth get to Youth Group?
We prefer the youth be dropped off by their parents at the church and picked up at the conclusion. However, with advance notice, we are able to provide pick up and drop offs with the church bus or have a leader pick them up if the parents are unable to transport their children.

What age group does Youth Group cater for?
Youth Group caters for anyone at a secondary school level (grades 7-12). Our church does have a club for primary school aged children as well if you have children that are too young for Youth Group but desire to attend a Christian kids club (click here).

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